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Carlo boasts its big data based deep learning expertise and related high-end hardware, which can be applied in a plenty of deep learning projects while currently, a variety of industries have been actively engaged in projects to apply deep learning technologies into their systems.

In addition, we have been improving production processes in a number of fields by developing simulators that are customized to each production system in auto, electronic devices, and semi-conductor industries. Furthermore, we have analyzed causes that hamper the application of existing general simulators into sites and put our focus on developing specialized and customized simulators to specific production systems.

In such various areas, we come up with S/W & H/W integration solutions that can be effectively deployed to fields not only for existing systems but also for newly introduced systems. We, Carlo, suggest best solutions by thoroughly reviewing existing systems and improvement plans. Our goal is to establish integration solutions in various fields, to provide the customized solution based on our built experiences and knowhow to each customer, and to promote management efficiency.

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